3 comments on “Watch “Battering Down The Door: Panel about domestic violence at WOW 2012” on YouTube

  1. God, I’m up to the part where she says that violence tends to worsen during pregnancy, and I keep thinking of the times that my ex tried to get me pregnant – probably trying to trap me in the relationship, and I’m so thankful I never had kids. scary stuff.

    • I know a woman personally who said it started for her after the first baby was born. Events occurred while she was holding the baby! I am so relieved I never had kids with my ex. The thought of them enduring that turns my stomach.

  2. I can well relate to Sir Patrick’s experience. As children, my sister and I learned to gauge my father’s mood. Whenever alcohol was involved, we knew things could change quickly! Yet those outside the home never suspected my father had such a dark side. Still, he was my father; I loved him, and so did mom. It’s paradoxical at best, and maddeningly frustrating most of the time to have such mixed emotions.

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