3 comments on “Everyone’s an Expert….

  1. It’s unfortunate human nature to suffer from hoof-in-mouth disease, and chow down on shoe leather before we even realize it. I know; I’ve done it. Thankfully, I learned from the experience and (hopefully) I’m less prone to making a total horse’s hind-quarters of myself. But you never know. At least I’ve got you to keep me in check!

  2. Everyone does it from time to time, yes, but some do it with so much reckless abandon that I would think it was their college major. I think you know I tend to be a fairly forgiving person, so I can take this into consideration. What prompted this post is simply that some people, no matter how much you tell them, do not get it. Couple that with the fact that I spent the four longest years of my life being silent. So I just am not doing that anymore.

    In your case, you aren’t really difficult to keep in check! I mean, unless, of course, you are holding out on me! You wouldn’t do that, hmm?? 😉

  3. I am so with you on almost every sentence.

    It’s so hard to believe someone so successful — on the outside — could be so broken and flawed. Yet they’re so arrogant and sure of themselves that it’s almost hard to believe what you’re seeing and experiencing. Just like Kevin, my ex was able to get great jobs, putting his law degree on his resume, but he never even finished! And I can’t count how many times I told people how much I hated him. And, they’d all give me that perplexed look like, “but he loves you so much!” and “but he seems so nice!” Abusers truly master the art of manipulation.


    While I wouldn’t wish the experience on anyone else, I’m really thankful that I experienced it and can finally understand other dv victims. I’ve definitely been guilty of saying, “I would NEVER stay with someone who’d EVER lay a hand on me.” So unreal until you’re in it.

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