2 comments on “What Would You Do: Help a Battered Woman or Not?

  1. The hard part about watching a show like that is coming face-to-face with my own potential inaction. While I don’t think (although I can’t be sure) that I’m less likely to act depending oh how a woman dresses, I may be inclined to chalk matters up to “let them handle their situation” under certain circumstances. These examples were the Trifecta of indicators: visible evidence of past abuse, verbal abuse, and physical assault (or assault and battery in police terms). If, however, there were no signs of physical abuse and the male simply raised his voice, I might not jump in. Add to that the black actor playing the boyfriend was BIG, and you can understand why some would be reluctant to act. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to draw the line, although these created circumstances definitely warranted action!

    Kudos to Mari (the black actress) for getting out of a past abusive relationship and turning her life completely around!

    • I think a lot of people would struggle with determining when it is appropriate to set foot over that grayed line. When it comes to obvious evidence, it should be a no-brainer. Verbal is trickier, but if you are close enough to the table to hear everything that is being said, you should still pick up on some red flags. Especially if he is being threatening or even speaking in a calm voice but saying some nasty things to her.

      Since you know me so well, you already have to know where my mind was on some of things I picked up on while watching the DV segment of this episode. For instance, the way the woman is dressed should have no bearing. Further what if they WERE prostitutes and the men were “keeping the hos in line?” as some obviously viewed it…. Does this mean that because a woman has entered into and / or become trapped in that lifestyle, regardless of her circumstances, she is deserving of being beaten like an animal? Absolutely not! There is nothing a woman can do that deserves that maltreatment.

      Race shouldn’t have a factor in it either. So the very fact that it took so long for people to approach Mari is absolutely disgusting. Another odd thing I noticed in the same vein: two women came to Mari’s aid, not men! Size of the actor playing her boyfriend is also irrelevant to me. But FYI, you could totally take him.

      You have to wonder where Mari’s frame of mind was taken during the filming of this segment. It had to bring back some bad memories for sure. But I agree with you 100%, kudos to her for getting back her life… and for paying it forward.

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