2 comments on “Breaking Point: Susan Still – 20/20 News Segment (WARNING: Trigger)

  1. I remember watching this when the story first broke and being appalled by not only the level of physical, emotional and verbal abuse (particularly the latter two), but by the way Ulner Lee sucked his son into the cycle of abuse. I applauded the judge’s decision to give him such a hefty sentence. Really, the effects of Ulner’s abuse of Susan go deeper than if he had killed her (which, of course, I’m glad did NOT happen). So handing out a heavier sentence than a murder carried is good and right.

    • I remember it as well, more specifically that I hated his guts. The part that was hardest about watching this segment was when they talk about how Ulner pulled his son into the verbal abuse. But when it got to the part about him having the son record physical acts of abuse, I had to stop watching it for a few minutes because I was heart-broken for her and her son. At the point where he turns the camera away, you can almost feel the tension and hurt seeping in through the lens. And can’t help but wonder how that affected him and how he felt at the moment… This was his mother and his father was forcing him to witness it in such a devastating way. Watching that was hard for more reasons than one, but least of all because I could myself on the bed being choked, dragged onto the floor and hit in the head, trying in vain to cover my face to shield myself. The other thing I found difficult to watch was to see her standing there with the empty look on her face trying her best not to show emotion or react as he shredded her. Kevin’s presence was a lot like Ulner’s…. the way he spoke, the way he worded things, and that cocky arrogance like he was justified in his abuse. This was the hardest video of everything to watch because the dynamics of Ulner’s abusive behavior were on par with Kevin. It cut too close, and even now so many months after I posted it, it still is difficult for me to get through those parts I just mentioned.

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