3 comments on “I am NOT “that Brother’s Keeper”

  1. you are looking STUNNING, darling. love it! and you’re so right – it’s such a great feeling to be FREE, to no longer be questioned or attacked. no more “you’re not going out like that!” or “where’d you get that cash?” Pete actually once got upset with me for letting someone pay for me for cat-sitting. God forbid I’d be able to support myself without him.

    glad you’re not trying to hard to keep tabs on Kevin. keep enjoying your FREEDOM, lady!

    • Too kind, dahling! But don’t ask me to try to pull off a feather boa anywhere!

      “You’re not going out like that…” Wonder how many times I had the chance of hearing that before it was just to be expected that I was locked up in the house with the cat. And he knew where all money came from, but he also thought he had a right to make me account for every single penny, and if I was more than a few cents off, I had to answer for it one way or another. Pete got upset about you getting money for what now? *Insert world’s longest eye roll here* Kevin would only be to happy for more money, because then he could waste even more.

      I like not keeping tabs, but people still keep asking. Seriously? Call county and ask them. 😛

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