6 comments on “Sense, Decency, and Responsibility: Whose Share Is It Really? PART TWO

    • Thank you for the compliment. However, I find whenever one writes genuinely from the heart, it generally turns out to be very good reading. 🙂 Did you read both parts?

        • Oh, you do not have to apologize! When I first left Kevin in December, I was initially without a phone or notebook, because I left them in the apartment with Kevin. The first thing I bought was a phone, and I was trying to use it for e-mail, etc and it was not working for me! The phone spazzed out on me and always at the worst time. 🙂 I appreciate the comment, especially considering I know how obnoxious it can be when you are trying to do something, and it is just being more trying that it needs to be.

          • Oh god, you’re so right!!! The damned thing spazzes on wordpress all the time, no matter how many bug fixes they add. I end up typing blind on most comments and make the most ridiculous typos! DX One time I told someone that it was a good attempt at rap for a first timer, and it went on as rape. And the bloody thing has no edit option, so I frantically had to type up the apology blindly after that. :-/

  1. I’m forced constantly to re-examine what I think is an appropriate reaction to domestic violence situations. That DV is unacceptable no one could rightfully argue. Appropriate responses, however, can be tricky. A man choking a woman is clearly wrong. You step in and stop it – and not with the “take that back home” approach. It’s WRONG. Period. When it comes to verbal abuse, it gets a little more tricky. If a couple is going back and forth with each other verbally, it’s still abuse – but is it simply their dysfunctional way of communicating? Do we need to step in? If only ONE of them is doing the yelling or speaking abusively (whether in a loud or controlled voice), do we step in and say something, assuming it’s one sided? Or do we wait a bit and see how it plays out? I don’t know if I have a clear-cut answer to that, and I’m guessing it’s something you take on a case-by-case basis, since cues to help you make a decision are surely present in each unique situation. Still, it gets me thinking about what I would do under different circumstances, and I imagine that’s where true change begins.

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