5 comments on “VIDEO: The Right is Ours

  1. Sweet Marie, I am so grateful that you reblogged this post and encouraged your readers to watch the video. I am beyond moved and hopeful that my girls can help other girls and womyn unaware about gender violence or who may be going through gender violence.

    Can’t wait to explore your blog. 1 love strong womyn!

    • I was so excited when I saw the video. It’s nice to see the information available in a POSITIVE format, so you know I had to reblog it! You might be able to tell as you read some of my posts that I enjoy the art of writing, so the fact that it employed the use of the arts to bring awareness to abuse in all its forms made it even more personal to me. Again, thank you for posting the video! 🙂

      • Yes you’re blog is INCREDIBLE and I’ll be sure to show the young women from my group (in the video) about your writings as they continue on their healing journey. We should certainly keep in touch, possibly do a collaborative post about varied dimensions of gender violence and overcoming abuse. Thoughts?

        • A collaboration is a wonderful idea.. I think, though, that since gender violence issues go so deep, it might have to be a series. We also need to consider what areas we feel we should address. Over the coming days, I will put some thought into this and give you some of my ideas.

          Please pass on my love and support to those brave young women in the video. Let them know how courageous and strong they are, and all of us working through our healing process are so appreciative that they broke through the silence to share their stories. So encouraging (cannot say that enough)!

          • Yes, I think a series is wise too. My email is: whitneyfrenchwrites@gmail.com, this may be a better way to exchange ideas. I’ll meditate on this too, read more of your posts and contact you soon.

            Love that the blog-o-sphere exists and these meaningful connections can arise!

            Peace, love and solidarity

            — W

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