6 comments on “Domestic Violence and Homelessness

  1. The experts say most people today are with in one paycheck away from being homeless. I find your words informative.. Keep up the important work!

  2. Exactly. Why don’t we have any focus on keeping the victim in the family home and make the perpetrator find alternative accommodation? We need to tighten up the laws on AVO’s and ADVO’s because homelessness shouldn’t be an alternative to abuse.

    • If it weren’t for family, in December when I left my abuser, I would have had nowhere to stay. I had to leave behind everything I owned when I left… and everything in the apartment was bought and paid for by me. When I left, I had my purse and the clothes on my back. I could have so easily been in this situation.

      Thank you for the statistics. They highlight an unfortunate and unfair situation that so many people do not take into consideration.

  3. wow, these numbers are really horrifying. I’m curious to see stats on the correlation between domestic violence and homelessness in the US! I assume it’s a leading cause of homelessness here, too, and yet it’s one that I think most people don’t recognize.

  4. When my abuser had an errand to run, I packed my necessities and started walking. I had no phone, no money and nobody to go to. A lady stopped her car, asking if I was in trouble and needed help. She gave me $60 and arranged for the Women’s shelter to pick me up at a location where she fed me and waited until I was safe. There are wonderful people out there, plenty resources to start over. It is unfair, yes. It is the hardest thing you’ll ever do. You are worth it though. You endured so much, you owe yourself another chance in life. Wonderful blog, thank you!

    • We all take the opportunity we are given when it arises. I am so relieved that someone stopped to help you… and gave you some money and food on top of it. The wonderful people are sometimes not so easy to find, but when you do, they more than make up for the others who not have been so supportive along the way. Thank you for visiting and the wonderful comment πŸ™‚

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