4 comments on “Someone You Should Know: Jessica Nazar

    • Jessica’s blog I think is a great example for those looking for hope that you CAN be happy after everything that domestic violence and abuse dumps on you. It doesn’t mean that we are exempt from the pain. It just means that we, Jessica in particular, has been able to find some joy again and has taken hold of life and brought it along with her for the ride… Just wait until you meet Lucy. She can be a little catty about the whole “pink ensemble,” but she is adorable 🙂

      I know you will enjoy her blog and even find some inspiration and encouragement there.

  1. This brought tears to my eyes. it was really beautifully written, and thank you so much for shining me in such a positive light.

    you don’t give yourself enough credit, either, for all of the joy and happiness you bring into the world and into others’ lives 🙂

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