8 comments on “Starting Over from Zero Wasn’t Really a Loss After All

    • Thank you! It would be easier if I could make others take a second look at their priorities, but I should really only stay focused on myself and continuing to move forward. How can anyone mourn “things” when they are replaceable? My life is not. I am blessed to have it.

    • Thank you for the kind words. Truth be told, when I first started the blog, I felt an odd sort of way about people coming to view my posts. I remember several times telling Kerwyn that it bothered me. I felt hurt because there were so many like me, but I realized that it is kind of the point in me coming here… I still feel for those who have gone through or are still going through domestic violence, but hopefully when they read my blog, especially my later posts, they feel some sort of encouragement and have tangible proof that the pain and fear doesn’t control you forever. I want them to see that there is recovery and healing… and happiness and love after domestic violence. And while they will never be the same, they can be whole again.

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