2 comments on “How Abusers Exploit Hearing Loss in Their Victims

    • Thank you for your kind words. I had initially meant to post this a few months ago, but I went on a video-posting tangent on my blog, and this got pushed to the back burner. It was completely forgotten until I was trying to clean drafts out of my post log, and I had to finish it and put it out there. I think this is yet one more of the lesser considered facets of abuse people could see going on all around them, even perhaps in public. This is because, in general, many hearing people are not able to sign and do not understand the importance of gesturing and facial expressions to relaying emotion, etc., when “speaking” in sign.

      I think it’s feasible that we have all come across this at some point but maybe just did not pick up on it because of some of the lesser understood subtleties of the deaf / hard-of-hearing (HOH) culture. Many people also seem to designate overtly emphatic signing as a normal thing. Deaf / HOH culture is highly misunderstood and therefore makes it easier for the abuser to get away with this in public.

      Along the same vein, there are more resources slowly becoming available for deaf / HOH victims to get help, but if you live in an area like mine, it is so hard if not almost impossible to find. Many misunderstandings occur, and because many times the victim relies on the abuser to help them communicate with the hearing (not in my case), the abuser can easily manipulate the victim and further isolate them.

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