2 comments on “Here Goes Nothing

  1. Thank you so much for the reblog. I have truly been moved by your story as well as all of the other stories I have been reading over the past couple of weeks. The encouraging words I have received from those who have reached out to me have meant so much. I’m happy we have a forum to tell our story. And thank you for welcoming me to the family – we’re battered and bruised but we belong.

    • You are very welcome! I just decided the past few days that I would start looking out for new blogs, and I am sorry I missed yours when it came out. Since it went back to September, I didn’t have to search too far back 🙂 I hope the others on my blog aren’t offended.

      We tend to do that here. encourage. Even when we tend to encourage others, we hold it back from ourselves, almost as though we don’t feel deserving of it! So this is another important reason for us to make connections as we continue to heal… to have constant reminders that *we* are as strong, courageous, and remarkable as everyone we feel that way about! Even I need to hear it sometimes 🙂 And I get plenty lol

      We are battered and bruised, but we are not broken. And we have shattered the silence! We are no longer trapped in the dark.

      Freedom is a powerful, moving thing.

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