4 comments on “A Piece of Advice You Failed to Heed

  1. YAY! I am so glad you are going to report. He is an evil manipulator and I wish I could be standing with you when he gets locked up. Too many times they think they can just do whatever they want. I hope the court helps you and does the RIGHT thing. I know in my case when the no contact was violated I had to literally go to the prison he was in and file a report. I made my point and now you will make yours. Stay safe my new friend. I am so happy you are strong enough to fight!

    • Right now, I do not feel so strong. I haven’t slept. My nerves are on edge, and I am waiting for my advocate to call me back. She had a call late last night and they are trying to resolve shelter issues for someone.

      I am worried, because I know there will be a response to my actions. Hearing nothing from him in ten months and then this out of the blue is not an accident. He is anything but random. Everything, every little thing down to the minutest detail is planned and carefully analyzed and trouble-shot before it is put into motion.

      I am worried, because he has stacked friends in the right places. Where he lived before here, and the bank robbers he knew were bank robbers and him were spending up their haul and a certain agency discovered where they were, had him on his stomach with an assault weapon on him, and he looked up and told one of the agents to get the attention of the police.. and as soon as they found out he was working for them, they let him go.

      Because I am sure an agency an hour away from here wouldn’t mind repaying a favor. Or two.

      Because the police in the next town are extremely grateful, as is their county DA. Since they caught over two dozen dealers with his assistance… within the space of less than 48 hours. When he and a parent got into an argument and he grabbed the car keys and someone else had to separate them, and 911 was called and he was arrested, he got out of that, too. With their recommendation based on his assistance. They paid off every ticket he got here.

      He is signed up to work with an officer in the town I used to live and still work. Because he got out of driving an uninsured vehicle with no license, a bad muffler, and a traffic infraction by signing up. Oh and the plate he admitted to taking because he wanted to put it on the car.

      He knows too much about how certain weapons work and what they do when fired and successfully hit the target.

      And for so many more reasons that I do not feel safe mentioning them here.

      I don’t know what I would call this, but I don’t feel like it is anything akin to strength.

      • Every dog has its day my love. And what happens in the dark ALWAYS comes to the light. There will be at a certain point when the Police are tired of helping him. There will be a point when someone he tells on catches him.
        He will be lucky for a point and then things will turn around. I believe that because they always do. So what if he doesnt get more than a slap on the wrist? He knows you are not afraid to report. Sometimes when they realize that the survivor is not afraid they cower away like the cowardly idiots that they are. I am sending you strength. You are amazing. You will be great! I am so very proud of you. BTW I am sure he knows it Domestic Violence Awareness month. Dont let him shake you!

  2. So frustrating! I’m currently in the process of extending my PPO back to “no contact,” and I reported him for violating the “peaceful and lawful” conditions of the prior one. They don’t care. Like you said, it’s only a piece of paper. Their need to control is not intimidated by that.

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