5 comments on “BBC Documentary: Don’t Hit My Mum [Four Parts]

    • All too often, when many speak of domestic violence, they don’t take into consideration the most helpless (and most impressionable) victims of all: children growing up in homes where any type of abuse is part of their normal daily routine. What I liked most about this documentary besides the honesty of the content is where Alesha is shown talking to youths of varying ages about relationships. It is so important to catch them at a younger age and let them know right off the cuff what is acceptable and what is not. It’s also important that they can readily find where they can go or who they can talk to if they need help.

      The people she spoke to did so much more than just relate their stories for mid-level awareness. They truly make you stop and think about just how scary, futile, and emotionally confusing it can be for a child to watch one parent whom they love cause harm to the other parent whom they also love, or a sibling and the child his/herself. I appreciated the strength it takes to go back and revisit this. Even now as adults, because of the sensitive and exceedingly harmful emotions and danger they navigated, the trauma must be too real. The impact on them as adults must be incredible, and it is saddening that some children will end up being abused in later relationships while others become the abusers they feared, and in some cases tried to hate, as children…. because this was their model of normal family life.

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