12 comments on “The Frightening Boldness of Your Abusive Mind

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    So much of this hit home with me. Being such a kind-hearted, soft-spoken, compassionate person, I have been shocked and disgusted by some of the things I am able to understand and think. Horrible, negative, dark thoughts. But it’s also empowering, finally gaining control over that abusive way of thinking. Thanks for writing this!

    • I think for people like us, coming to a place where you can understand how their mind works so well can be a frightening thing. However, you need to keep in mind that this really only happened because you were subjected to it. It doesn’t mean that you condone or agree with anything. But it doesn’t help give some insight into what they are thinking and why they do the things they do. You can also use it to apply to other abusers, because there are many similarities between them. And in the future this should help you be able to red flag someone shady when they are coming at you.

  2. Amazing! I am so glad that you filed that report! I am so proud of you! You are an amazing and strong woman and I am glad to have “met” you through the blog world. I look forward to meeting you one day. Together we will change the face of Domestic Violence. I just have that feeling that we will be doing great things one day soon!

    • He is going to do one of two things in this process. One, he will run and hide somewhere else and manipulate someone else to take him so he can hide, because everyone here has discovered who he really is. This is what he does. But before this, he may go for option two, dig in his heels a bit and get nasty. And then once he realizes I’m not playing, he will resort to option one. Because again, this is what he does. Doesn’t make it any easier or any more pleasant for me, but he isn’t winning this.

      LOL Two of us in the same place at the same time? We might want to send out a memo. 😛

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