11 comments on “Skirts, Shoes, and Other Shenanigans: Re-learning the Simple Things

    • I thought of you and your situation after I posted this. I felt like a jerk and thought about taking it down, because I didn’t want you to feel worse about your situation. You are a strong woman to keep persevering through your situation, and I respect you so much for keeping your head up throughout everything. My hope for you is one day soon, you will be able to look back the same way and have the same relief I do. Financially I am still a wreck, but I am no longer in dire straights struggling from day to day, taking money from one important bill to pay another. I also love that you are reaching out to others who may be or have been in your situation so we can help each other recover.

        • Dont’ be silly… It’s never too late. Unless you never do it. I still feel self-conscious, because with the exception of Kevin, my adult life has been pretty good… and I must feel like some people might feel hurt or like I’m bragging when I know there are some following my blog that are struggling in so many ways right now. I hurt for them, because in many cases from 2008-2012, I was there at one point or another. But I am so appreciative that it’s over, I can’t help myself but say so. 🙂

          Oh the clothes are being rocked. No worries about that part! The closet and the dressers are complaining though. LOL

  1. This post could have been written about my life, but I kept the shoes 🙂 I, too, have been building my Freedom Wardrobe from GoodWill and St. Vinnies and am finally feeling like “me” again. Congrats on becoming comfortable in your own skin again!

    • LOL I would have kept the shoes, but Kevin got rid of them. He would not know what to think if he saw the red POINTY-TOE heels I bought. Those were an absolute no-no.

      I am grateful that Kerwyn is so patient and kind to me. I know the moods I get into periodically can test him, but he is never anything less than supportive and loving, and he pretty much doesn’t mind what I buy to wear so long as I look classy when I wear it. He might change his mind the first time he goes with me on a true Amy shopping excursion. Those are dawn til dusk days… 🙂 And I feel so sorry for the sale racks. LOL

      • Probably the only thing that saved my shoes was that they were all hanging on the back of the bedroom door that was never permitted to be closed – out of sight, out of mind. I was not permitted to wear them unless I was with him, and we never went anywhere appropriate, so I’m getting to know them again. I hang them on the outside of the bathroom door now where I can see them every time I walk by because it makes me so happy 🙂

        • Oh I leave mine deliberately lining the wall where I have to look at them displayed in all their beauty 🙂 I used to keep the boxes, but I recycle them in favor of leaving my shoes out so I can see them. So I can remind myself that not so long ago, I was denied this little thing, this little perk for such a long period of my life. I do the same thing with my earrings. Lately, I have found myself wearing silver hoops just big and heavy that they pull a little as I turn my head. To remind me that I went without, and that I am thankful I no longer have to. And that I can’t stop reaching out to others until they, too, can say the same.

          Freedom is a beautiful thing. A very beautiful thing indeed. And even without all my little baubles and extras, I would still be beautiful, because now I can glow. Kerwyn better get himself some shades, because it might just be blinding. 😉

          To all the beautiful, strong, intelligent, and free women out there, you are all these things and more even without the accessories. The beauty and strength comes from your heart and the gratitude it radiates. Not things. Not objects. Just a thought. Get your inner glow on! 😉

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