2 comments on “Living Up to Your Potential

  1. Thanks for sharing it with your readers, Amy! I’m glad you not only found it personally useful, but also thought it might help those dealing with the aftermath of domestic violence. Anyone who has suffered or is still suffering) through such an ordeal deserves our empathy. Those that took action and pulled themselves out of the proverbial hole to create new lives for themselves are a true testimony to living up to their potential!

    • You are welcome 🙂 I see quite a few things in many of your posts that can be applied to us hardy bunch of survivors. There are few I want to go back and grab so I can re-blog those here as well. But you know, if you ever think something you write on your blog could be beneficial to my readers, you are more than welcome to post here it here, too. 🙂 You don’t even have to clear it with me. You should already know I trust your judgment.

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