5 comments on “Mending the Cracks: All the Pieces are Here

  1. I really relate to what you said about how you look back and think “was that really my life?” almost like it was a movie you once saw. And yet… at the same time it is so much a part of who you are and always will be. What a great, inspiring post 🙂

    • I am happy that I have reached this point. I feel like it can no longer hold me be back from doing what I need to do… Well, I no longer have to fight the fear of the “what-ifs,” which makes things much easier to handle. Pretty much the only thing related to Kevin that could send me into a spin now is running into him. I am quite sure that would remind me rather quickly that it was NOT someone else’s life but my own. *lol*

      • Haha yeah, that would be a pretty undeniable reminder of reality. I HATE the fear of running into an ex… It’s happened a few times with me… My boyfriend wants to move me away so we don’t have to deal with it anymore. Hopefully someday!

  2. Someone notable once said, “speak, even though your voice shakes,” or something to that effect. It’s hard. We have been conditioned to shut the f*** up and it takes a huge act of courage to speak our minds (even the little things at first – it’s crazy!) but with practice we can take our voices back. Writing here gives you the strength or a rehearsal 🙂

    • Oh dont worry. As you can see, I have had *plenty* of practice here. 😉

      I dont feel so much anymore that I am being courageous in as much as I am simply doing what I am being driven to do… out of love for others. That is my primary motivation for continuing to speak. I can’t leave the others behind. I was there once, and silence only perpetuates it.

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