7 comments on “An Unwelcome Guest Drops By

  1. What a sad soul he is… He doesn’t need bad karma wished upon him… He is getting the old fashioned way… He’s earning it…. You are an exceptional strong soul who emerged out the other side of this stronger…..

    • You know, it isn’t so much strength as it is stubbornness. I am sure Kerwyn could verify this. When I get an idea in my head, I go after it like a starved rabid pitbull. Pretty much.

  2. Thinking of you Amy, stay strong with positive thoughts. You have come so far and conquered so much away from that man. You have you life, you have your heart and you have your mind. He did not take those things away from you. Ros xx

    • I have my moments where I can get a little negative or down about things like everyone else. But seeing how what I went through was so traumatic, I have finally learned to allow myself to have those moments before I smack myself out of the pity party and move on.

      This is no different. I would be happy to be without the physical damage, but if you consider I could have lost my life, I will gladly persevere through this instead. The alternative endings are so much worse… And it showed me how resilient I can be.

      Learning to get off that cane was obnoxiously difficult. I can get around just fine, but people around me need to be cognizant of the fact that I just may not always be as fast as they are, that’s all.

      I can’t verify the part about my mind…. I think I may have lost it at work the past week or so… if you find it please return priority overnight express, thank you 😉

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