15 comments on “Integrity is a Lost Art

  1. ugh im sorry you are having a tough time. I have found that most people do not have the loyalty you and I have. I hope you are feeling better-I too woke up today with raging migrane…Thanks-sympathy pains šŸ˜‰

    • It will pass, but I am sure it won’t be without consequences for those who need it. The migraines, unless they are bad enough, I can function well enough, but you can definitely look at me and tell something’s wrong. Today is day two, and if it persists into tomorrow, everyone at work will know because my task light will be off and I won’t be listening to music. One woman I follow here has them so bad they require shots… Mine are just from Kevin and his fists of fury.

      Sympathy pains… Nice try LOL

      • ugh fists of fury…ure hysterical in the best kinda worst way šŸ˜‰
        Hope your head is feeling better, mine is not,,,but I have a whole new regiment of meds so maybe thats part of it…who knows

        • Haha, I was going to call him Tyson But I am pretty sure that camp wouldn’t be too thrilled. What’s he gonna do, threaten to bite off my ear? I’m already pretty much deaf! LOL

          My headache has *FINALLY* been downgraded from migraine to major pain the butt. However, I can function without looking like an Angry Bird, so no one in AP land has to fear me. šŸ™‚

          I wouldn’t be surprrised if your meds are causing it. Changes in medication regiments can cause all kinds of upheaval, and people never think to question it. If it continues, you should definitely let the doc know. They may need to make an adjustment if your body doesnt get used to the change.

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