11 comments on “Going the Length of the Way: The Story Has Just Begun

  1. I love the picture. You look beautiful. I am so glad that you are safe. This is a wonderful thing for you to celebrate. I am glad to have met you and am excited to join you on this journey!

    • Thank you 🙂 That’s the newest picture of me and I took it on my one year anniversary 🙂 well…. Technically, because it was a Friday I left even though the 14th fell on a Saturday, I make the decisions around these parts! So I compromised and took the picture Friday morning only a half hour before the time I left him, and then I put my post up Saturday.

      I never would have thought I’d be in this position, but since I am, I might as well use it to help others. As if I could stop myself? 🙂

    • thank you for the compliment. All you see is what’s inside being projected out to the world.

      I think his true loss is measured in the years he has allowed himself to be pulled away from his daughters. He has missed so many milestones in their lives, and he can never get this time back. It is a loss for him that there is no rewind or no do-overs… He has chosen to not know his girls. They are turning into beautiful young women, and I hope they do not use this man as a model for how they should allow a man to treat them when they come of age and marry.

      I tried to get him to work on repairing these broken bridges but he fought me furiously. His blindness to all things worthy and good and kind and loving and respectable and dignified and merciful and compassionate…. This is the true measure of his loss. And all I can do is pray he chooses a different path.

      • Wow.. Where have you been. You seemed to have disappeared. I thought my reader had deleted you. You are happy! Very Good!

        • I have been so busy! I feel like I need three of me to get by some days…. especially at work.

          I have been blogging like crazy lately, you may have noticed! I am planning on another one tonight, provided the internet at home stops being…. difficult. It was giving me grief all weekend, making me want to pull my hair out!

  2. Abby,
    Glad you are safe. I am working on a blog of this very issue, as well. Unbelievable how many victims there are!

    • I am not sure if you meant this for me or Abby, who left the first comment 🙂 Abby is pretty awesome and has been through some of the same trials I have, and I wish I could not say that was the case. So I am happy we are all safe…

      If you haven’t already, start networking with us… there are a number of survivors (both women and men) here and we tend to bond like crazy! The suppot you get from everyone comes from the heart and is consistent. Nice to meet you!


  3. “I wanted to live, and not just get by.” That’s a powerful distinction. 🙂 I hope with every passing day that you feel more and more that you’re living life the way you want to, and not just getting through.

    • The first few months, I felt like I was blindfolded and put in the middle of the woods at night and told to feel my way out. I was lost, but having Kerwyn there in the beginning made all the difference. He is actually the one who encouraged me to start the blog here, did you know? He was my very first follower, too! 🙂 He is my rock on this earth, and the only one above him is Jehovah. I mean, any man who can handle me when I am being neurotic has to be worthy of that. Because when I get neurotic, girl…… LOL

      I am defintely not lost anymore, and I hope that in some small way I am helping others find their way. Some things are just too hard to do alone. When I get my super secret plans out of plan mode, on paper, and in action, I will be awesome. 🙂

  4. It’s been an interesting, fun year! I’m so happy to see (and proud of) the progress you’ve made. Growing to the point where this blog is no longer simply an opportunity to vent and express how you feel about what happened but is now a way to use those experiences to help others is amazing! Now…the blog is not enough (to paraphrase a Bond movie title). We’re all looking forward to what you have in store for the future!

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