3 comments on “Another Side of Domestic Violence: Beer and Rock – Shaken, Not Stirred

  1. The last time I commented on a post you shared here, I was still stuck in a cycle of abuse. Now though, I’ve taken a few steps out of that mire. You’ve had an Incredibly rough journey, sweetie. and from what I’ve read, you really stuck it out far longer than you needed to, and that just shows your strength even more so. Stay strong, because even now, you are strong. No matter how fragile your exterior, you have balls of steel. You go!!!! ❤

    • Oh my, I haven’t heard from you in so long! How have you been? If by taking a few steps out means that you found a way to free yourself, I am overjoyed to know you have overcome and gotten your freedom. Even if you haven’t completely, you are still making progress. Just to know that you are safe brings a load off my mind. It’s so strange how you can only know someone online but when they are absent, especially in a situation like this, you find yourself thinking about strangers and hoping they are okay. I am glad to see you well. 🙂

      I just saw my first year of freedom come and go, and now I am getting ready in the coming weeks to see the expiration of the stay away order I have in place on him. The only thing that makes me feel fear now is the possibility of hearing his voice or running into him, and I have no recourse. The court told me that I can wait until the day after the order expires and he does something to me… then I could file for a new order. The state of New York does not extend family orders. She also implied that I was doing it out of spite because her reasoning was that “otherwise everyone could file protective orders just for not liking someone.” Totally her words. Not mine.

      If he thinks fear of him is going to keep me quiet, he obviously doesn’t know what he has created! 🙂

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