4 comments on “Another Side of Domestic Violence: Animal Abuse

  1. Oh gosh Amy, how horrific! I cannot believe or begin to understand what that man put you through. To see and read you blog about such a terrifying past truly humbles me. Ros x

    • Ros,

      Do you know that more and more the things he did have just become a part of my past? It’s been quite a while since I sat and had thoughts about what was done to me. Now it’s just something that happened, so much so that it almost feels like it wasn’t me. I am finally a whole person who has come to this online world of support we as survivors of all forms of abuse share…. and I am humbled by others’ stories just as you say you are by mine. I find encouragement in everyone’s story, I feel joy for those who are rebuilding their lives and experiencing things through new eyes, and I feel respect and gratitude for every ounce of strength and courage we all have and will continue to display for years to come. I overflow with appreciation for the love we show each other and those in our communities.

      I am at peace with the terror in my past, because it will never again be a part of my future. I am at peace with the terror in my past, because my present is blessed with so much love and kindness. I am at peace with the terror in my past, because I have the exhilarating appreciation for my freedom to live. To be able to do silly things like run around in the grass barefoot. To sit in a busy public place and people watch without having to worry about looking up at the wrong person and being punished. I can float and flutter about and not be worried about being whisked out of the air by that net. I am at peace with my past, because I love who I am now, and regardless of how much badness there was, I am who I am because I overcame it.


      • Life can be great when we reach that happier place. I too am looking back into the past so I do see where you are coming from. I am glad you are in a better place away from that destructive and evil being. I hope one day I will feel peace with the past too. Finding faith from other people’s stories and hope in their words is no doubt uplifting. Happy New Year Amy x

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