2 comments on “Susan Still Update — Oprah’s Lifeclass Footage

  1. Just saw the piece on Susan Still on ID20/20… brought me to tears.. I am a 57 yr. old man, and
    I sobbed….my heart goes out to the beautiful, strong woman….so happy she is doing well.. and
    he should never be released from prison………… never…god bless you Susan

    • I tried so hard to find the full length video, but it appears 20/20 took it down. This month would have been a prime time to stream it, and I have had quite a few people ask if it was available. It happened not that far from where I live, and while (especially as a survivor of abuse myself) I hurt to watch the footage of her being abused, I was absolutely heart broken to see how he made his own son record him abusing Susan… and at the moment in the clip where the son turns the camera away because he couldn’t bear to look, I felt the heaviness. I was excited to come across the update on her and her sons, because so often once the initial story comes out, it’s so hard to find out how they are doing now. I made it a point to post the update, because I wanted survivors who follow my blog to see that their struggle is something that can be overcome and that they do have hope… because after all, we survivors are hope.

      Thank you for your comment

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