4 comments on “Rihanna — 20 / 20 Interview with Diane Sawyer

  1. I loved this interview when it first came out. My favorite line was when she said “Fk love” I will never forget that. I am just saddened that she has gone back to him. He has clearly shown in his behavior towards her (and a green room window, and a basketball court, and countless other occasions) that this man is not able to control his anger and has serious rage issues. I am concerned for the message that she is giving out. I am just hoping that young and old woman do not think , if he can change so can my abuser. CB has shown that his attitudes and behaviors are the same and I just hope she is safe.

    • It’s so hard for people on the outside to not judge, but they tend to forget that she is a human being with faults and frailities just like the rest of us. I can’t stand the thought of her being anywhere near him, because of her safety obviously, and I am quite sure that we as survivors have a much stronger reaction to it that anyone else would. But I am pretty sure they aren’t together. He is just trouble upon trouble upon crazy.

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    • Ah I have commented. Please don’t mistake the tone for anger or annoyance. There are some things that just pour out of me, and this is one of them. I hope that she leaves before things get much worse. But please, please be patient to her. Don’t cut her off. It may be difficult for you to witness this and feel helpless, confused, and tired of the cycles. She needs to know that when she is ready to leave that she has somewhere to go. For a lot of us, this has to be on our terms. But speaking from personal experience, my ex was so controlling and always underfoot, I would have needed intervention to get out before I was able to leave. Not all of us stay because we’re not ready to leave. Some of us stay because we are trapped.

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