5 comments on “Friends Let Friends be “Un-Fresh” – I’m NOT Featured on Freshly Pressed

    • It may not feel like it inside right now, but you ARE becoming the person you hope to be. Every second of every day you live and heal brings you further away from the badness and further into hope, laughter, and love.

      Healing is a long journey, and even I still have a long way to go. The road is full of potholes and detours in the beginning, but eventually as you re-discover yourself and get acquainted with the new you (you will never be completely the same again), you will learn to navigate this with more ease each day. You will become more and more at peace, and soon you will be looking back on this time in your life and taking stock of your progress, and you will become overwhelmed with gratitude. Not only for those who have helped you along the way, but gratitude within for your strength and courage, and you will be suddenly aware of how much YOU have encouraged others along the way.

      For you have already, and you do not yet know. Some may not feel ready to reach out and say so, some may be just getting to know you, but we are out there. And even if those of us who don’t know your entire story, we still get so much encouragement and inspiration each time you speak out and tell another part of your story, thereby sharing with us all another piece of who you are and the woman you are to become.

      I still have hard days, and there are few closest to me (Kerwyn in particular) that feel the brunt of those days, but I have so much support to get through them. And yes, I get that support from those newer ones in my circle. Every time you share more, every time you reach out, I am reminded of the courage it takes to do that when you first get started, and I am happy to be a part of sharing your story.

      You are already becoming that woman, my friend. That I can guarantee. You are amazing in the strength and love and kindness you display to others here. Only through this interchange can we all become the new version of ourselves.

      In love and support,

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