5 comments on “A Tale of Two Women

  1. poignant. heart-breaking. beautifully written. honest.
    this got to me. I weep for you, for Kevin, for all the broken in the world.

    • Thank you for your compliments. While I can’t say I weep for Kevin, because he was the one who abused me and I am still to close to have developed that type of compassion for him, I can acknowledge the difficulty he and those trapped in the throes of addition face every day they wake up. For some like the woman I spoke of in the post, my compassion to her was unhindered because she had not put me in any danger, and she was honest with me, allowing strong, deeply personal emotions to come across her face as fully as she felt them. She spoke to me with no pretense and allowed me, for all intents and purposes a stranger, inside and listened what I said to her with appreciation.

      So many others Kevin subjected me to were not kind, they were not honest, and a lot of my things were stolen and sold for drugs. They tried to push me around in my own home, and as Kevin already did that enough, I wasn’t having it. I still see some in his circles around from time to time, including the opportunistic dealers he was so kind to. Most of them serve as a trigger to my PTSD but this one and one other woman would not. I always felt pity and sadness for them and hope that somewhere down the line, things changed for them and got better.

  2. Beautifully written, and so moving that you were able to put aside your own grief and pain to offer comfort to another ‘victim’. I suspect that the lady about which you write wasn’t able to escape the way you did. God bless you, and her.

    • Unfortunately unless I run into her, I won’t ever know the answer to the nagging question that thumps around in my head from time to time. I remember feeling the weight of how distraught she was in the air. And I can kind of imagine from my own point of view how hard it was for her carrying all that garbage around every day trying to face herself.

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