3 comments on “I Am Not a Poster Child, And You Couldn’t Pay Me to Play One on TV

  1. I wrote a similar post yesterday, although mine did not delve so deeply and thoroughly into the victim trap.

    Thank you for this post. It encourages me to be patient when others make ridiculously ignorant or judgmental statements about my abuse. Thank you.

    • Hi Janna, I am glad you were encouraged by the post. Cultivating patience is not always easy (this is one major flaw of mine), but when it’s tested with ignorance, criticism, and judgment connected with something so personal to us, it is daunting to maintain. Just remember that you are human and, as a result, are also imperfect. Your ability to maintain your patience some days when confronted with this ignorance will be definitely put to the test. Keep in mind that you are allowed to have bad days, under stress we all say things in a way we normally wouldn’t, so if on occasion you find yourself being more abrupt than you wanted to be because you were having a bad day, you were already being triggered, or they were especially nasty and you just couldn’t not tolerate it, you need to forgive yourself. You are allowed to be human. Sometimes, some people will just push until they get to you enough that you let them have it.

      Believe me when I tell you I am not always so patient when dealing with things like this, but I truly believed in my heart when they said it, they did not mean for me to take it the way I did. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and reminded myself that they probably had never had to address the issue of abuse before. This time, it played out well. However, I have several times been blunt enough to come out and tell them that they have no right to judge me for something they have no knowledge of or experience with, and that I’d kindly appreciate them keeping the mouth shut. That didn’t go over so well! LOL

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