8 comments on “Just One Picture Was All I Needed

  1. Seriously, it sounds like we are talking about the same person. *Steve used to do the same thing. Our “home” where ever we went was a mess – messes he created, then expected me to clear up.

    Our experiences are way to similar…

    I’m so glad you’re away from him.

    Lots of love. x

    • I am so sorry for my slow response. Last week was the craziest week ever, being the end of the fiscal quarter and working in accounts payable doesn’t exactly equal quiet! LOL As always, thank you for your comments. Sometimes, all it takes is a thank you to brighten my day. I am glad that you are able to take away something from my blog posts, even when they are a little crazy.

  2. It’s funny that I stumbled upon this post of yours tonight. I had already decided to follow you based on a previous post, but this one I felt I just had to comment on. I have my own Kerwyn in my life. He is my husband. There have been so many things that have happened with us in the last six years, that sometimes he makes me smile when he’s not even around. I’ll be at work and I’ll hear or see something that makes me think of something he said or did that made me smile, and suddenly I’m transported back to that moment. One of the best gifts that he has given me, is being there to remind me just how far I’ve come in these six years, from the mess I was when I met him. There is a song by a group called Halestorm, called Break In. One of the verses says this, “you let me fall apart without letting go. Then you picked up the pieces and you made me whole.” That is how I feel about my husband. In those moments when I fall apart, he is always there to hold me, and then build me back up when that moment has subsided. It is because of him that I’m on this journey to finally purge myself of the things that still overwhelm me and break me down. He has given me so many mental snapshots that keep reminding me just how far I’ve come since I realized I deserved a good life. This post you wrote helped to remind me as well, and for that, I thank you. 🙂

    • It is so wonderful to have someone like Kerwyn in my life, but when I think about everything I have been through, I think I appreciate him even more. There is no way either of us can make anyone else understand unless they are experiencing it, but I truly hope that everyone else coming out of such pain can eventually find someone like we have. After so much hurt, they deserve the best place to fall. You are so welcome, and I appreciate you taking the time to comment. 🙂

  3. you are always welcome to borrow my little monsters but i know you love me too much to return them with noisy toys 🙂

      • yeah we did mud on monday-omg from top to bottom…i didnt know if i should laugh or cry so i just popped them into the tub and made it an early night! lol

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