6 comments on “What Makes Us Worthy or Capable as Partners

  1. Thank you for tackling Proverbs 31. For many years I hated to look at it, because I felt I could never meet the high expectations set by this woman. Recently however, I did a study on this passage. The author made the point that this wasn’t a specific woman, but a goal for woman to strive for. Like striving to live a life as Jesus did, the Proverbs 31 model is not something ANY woman could ever live up to perfectly. However, we can begin to model this life as we grow in the Lord.

    I love how you suggest we list all the negatives “he said” about us, and contrast them with the truths we can say about ourselves. God sees all the ways we strive to follow Him, and do the best for our families, and even how we TRIED to do the best for our abusive husbands. Great job!

    • When you first looking at everything the verses bring out, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed, but these are all examples of things a woman would do if she cultivated these qualities… not spending every waking moment doing this, but putting deliberate, careful attention to caring for her family and being a good example for them. She would be sure that she is a model her children can follow, someone her husband sees her worth and capability and can trust her input and with handling some things they can’t.

      Too many clergy focus on the technical side of these verses… tell the woman to just do this, just do it right, and it will be ok. That doesn’t work with victims of abuse. They are doing inhuman amounts of things, exerting all this effort, carrying the burden of all this stress and worry and heartache… because the husband is failing deliberately at his role and manipulating the Scriptures to justify and excuse himself… which will be handled in a second post.

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