4 comments on “Go On and Air It Out [Make It Breezy]

    • Some of these I mentioned were the things that humiliated me in the months after I left. I still have yet to really see anyone get into public discussion about these kinds of things that have actually happened to quite a few people. However, due to the nature of them, they don’t feel comfortable opening up and saying, “He did this to me,” because they are worried about how others are going to react, the judgment, the criticism, the rudeness. I wanted to put this out there so those who had someone who was into doing things that were especially degrading to the victim would know it wasn’t just them. How do you just open up and tell people these things if you have not seen someone else do the same? How do you even begin to feel that you can trust someone with something like this?

      So I threw myself under the bus again. I am actually now at a point where I am okay with it, because he is the one who did these things. He is the one who thought it was a good idea and not vulgar or repulsive or demeaning to me. I am willing to talk to anyone who is struggling handling these types of things, but I do put the stipulation on questions of this nature only being answered by me if the person asking is female, because I don’t feel comfortable talking to a man about it. Not by a long shot.

    • Definitely no way to live. When these things are happening in the moment, they are absolutely mortifying. I could never understand how he ever thought of some of the things he did, and I am sure that he never thought I would tell anyone due to embarrassment.

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