8 comments on “How It Feels to Fly — Alicia Keys

  1. He was, and probably still is, simply a coward in my mind.Choosing to wage battles against the weaker and unsuspecting foe. For me, real men only fight, when only is necessary, or cannot be avoided. Hopefully it is for some greater reason than one’s self ego. With all in the news now I still wonder what history will say about the war we waged in Iraq. I can know that I stood for what was right, now matter what everyone else believes. I was my honor to bring back every fellow soldier that bravely stood shoulder to shoulder with me. Your abuser will pay for the damages he has caused, if he hasn’t already. He will either be faced with a real man, or something will cause him more pain then he caused you or anyone else.

    • I can’t imagine how someone can feel so big by way of causing another human being — especially one they claim to love — such sorrow and devastation. I am still not to the point where I can call him anything but evil. To call him a coward in my mind implies that, while his actions are detestable, there is humanity in him. No one who has even the smallest spot of humanity within can do this to someone else. Ever.

      The funny thing about history is that it is often relayed by people who had not one second of personal experience in this past they criticize or claim to know better and say what they would have done differently. They are good about saying what is right and wrong through eyes of loftiness, but once you find yourself in the actual situation, their opinions would almost always change somehow.

      I mentioned earlier that I am not able to call him anything but evil… That said, I have been able to forgive him so I can move on and work on my life and repairing them mountain of damage without having bitterness and anger gnawing away at me and hindering my progress. Instead I truly pity him and just pray that he would make a different choice the next time around, even though I know he most likely will not. I have faith that God will handle him even if man does not, and there is no more perfect justice in my eyes than that dealt by Him. If he does not turn around and clean up his life, there will eventually be very real consequences for him. I just hope that those consequences do not come at the cost of an innocent.

      Thank you for your comment.

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