9 comments on “Just Checking In

    • Did someone say “enjoy?!” 🙂 Don’t worry I am… but I miss the time I usually spend primping and fussing over my blog. It has come to feel like an extension of me that might rebel soon if I don’t pay it the proper attention!

  1. What a beautiful life! I love Audrey III…she does look like she wants to take over. I also left in December 2012….I enjoy seeing your story and how love and peace make such a difference. I have been told, by domestic violence advocates, that there are many women who do not move on after abuse. It is not easy, but as we all continue to share our stories, there is hope!

    • Audrey III… a co-worker actually found a plant all but dead outback at work, and she brought it in and nursed it to back to life. They did some remodeling and I ended up being the adoptive parent. She has gotten so big I think I might have to take her down from her perch and have her re-potted. This plant is very temperamental and only seems to want to facing the lights a certain way, because if I turn her…. her leaves start to yellow. I can’t help but think one day I will come in from a weekend off to a chorus of “Feed me Seymour, feed me all night long. Cos if you feed me Seymour, I will grow up big and strong!”

      There are many who cannot seem to move on after abuse, and I hurt for them. We all handle and process things differently and some may just feel so devastated they don’t know where to go. I am a stubborn, feisty one. I had enough of all that I when through when I was being abused, I just set it in my mind to cast it off somewhere in a nice big bonfire and burn that junk up. Several survivors (including my counselor and advocate) told me that I bounced back faster than they can remember seeing, and for a while my counselor was concerned it was a put on. The way I see it, I lived like I was non-existent for over four years. That was more than enough to last for eternity. I want life…. and not just to merely be, not to just merely exist. I want to outshine the sun.

      • I was also told that I bounced back fast….I was, like you, determined to heal and shine. Counseling once a week for a year, a couple of spiritual based support groups, prayer teams at work, online support, and loving family…. It truly was an army of angels. I was in the relationship 13 years-married 7 of those…I have no doubt that you are a light in the world!💜

  2. My friend you are beautiful! I still like the bangs but I’m a bangs girl so what can I say??? That lake looks amazing and I am tempted to take a drive up and have lunch with u one day… Not too far away…..

  3. I, too, have sort of bounced back. Was in an abusive marriage for 30 years. I can also say that shear stubbornness and determination have kept me going. I so understand about being non-existent or invisible for so many years and then wanting to jump out at life and shine. Way to go to us all…..

    • Hi Denny, thank you for your comment. Getting out is the scariest part, and recovering is the hardest, because it drains you of your energy. I subjected myself to working through the hard stuff, so I could live, and be free. I have no interest in being bound by angst, discouragement, and pain. I think we all lived that enough. Let your light shine, Denny. Let it shine.

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