2 comments on ““Your Name Used to Taste So Sweet, Then You Beat the Love Right Out of Me”

  1. I understand your pain I was 13 years old when I meet my son father. It was pure hell I left because he put a knife in my throat in front of my 2 years old son and hearing my son scream and seeing the fear in his eyes made me angry and I was willing to die to protect my son by the grace of god we was able to leave and never return me and my son free to live. And that the day I decided to become Police officer I was 20 years old when I got the job being police officer help me protect my son, and also give me second son one day working I found little boy was 2 days old who I adopted his mother was hook on drugs. And now I have 2 beautiful sons who I live for. You are a beautiful soul and I feel your strength through your writing. And in time you will see all you need to know god bless

    • You are absolutely a wonderful human being and I want to thank you for everything you have done to keep others safe and for the courage and strength it took for you to reach and grab firm hold of a better life for you and your son. Even more than this, you adopted another child and gave him hope, love, and happiness as well. You are such a good example for others that more than just merely surviving, overcoming and thriving is truly possible, and I hope that someone who is struggling to build faith in this hope somehow makes their way to your comment to see what is waiting for them after abuse. Abuse is not the end of our lives, but only the end of but one chapter in our lives of many. Our second chance can be so much better. We just need the faith and the daring to reach for it. And if we see others struggling with this, we need to be their light until they can find their way.

      With love and support,

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