9 comments on “Of Barbs and Old Wounds

  1. Stay strong, sweetie. No one deserves to be treated that way, no one ever should be treated that way. You’re a strong, proud and amazing woman, don’t forget how special you are, ever.

    Lotsa hugs!

    Cookie ~

    • Thank you. Sorry it’s taken so long to reply but I haven’t been blogging so much. When I put up a post, I kind of write in Word then copy paste post. I’ve been pre-occupied and agitated by something but I can’t figure out what it is or why it’s doing it. Just know that it is. Hope you have been well, thank you for the encouragement. *hugs*

      • No worries. Don’t be so harsh on yourself, love. Everything will figure itself out, when the time is right.. And even if it seems like its all going downhill, I promise, you’ll climb right back up.

        Take care of yourself. *hugs* 🙂

  2. Feeling it with you…I know those chains…the dagger…the severed relationships. Someone told me that “now that the broken part is gone, healing can begin”. Stitching up the open wounds and waiting for them to scar and heal takes time. Jehovah knows! Having also been discarded in December 2012, I learn about my own journey of healing through your words-the ripple effect of this abuse spreads far….💜

    • I know this is a weird thing to say because it would be the loneliest thing to bear, but I really wish no one understood. While I have accepted what I endured and the damage I have had to work to clean up, it still stings when I read and hear about other’s stories. I am now at the point where I get clipping along at a good pace then something happens that wakes me back up to the reality that I am human. And that stings. Because I’m supposed to be perfect, or so I’ve learned. I hope you are doing well. Thank you for the comment.

      • What is it that has us thinking we must be perfect? I do this to myself too-maybe it’s just that as we have been through the darkness, we are more empathic…and experience humanness more frequently. I was always good for “the perfect show”…perfect family, perfect life, job…to be less-or show that it was less than perfect-was unacceptable. There were no excuses for less than the best…to admit emotion was to fail…well, I still encounter those thoughts, but I can make them go away easier now. There are far too many-more than I ever imagined, dealing with this in the aftermath of trauma.*sigh…((((hugs)))

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