8 comments on “Staring Down the Devil: Crossing Paths with the Nightmare That Was My Life

    • for…..not losing my lunch on him even though I really felt like I could? I’m glad these encounters don’t happen often, because although I’m doing pretty good, I’m still terrified of him being anywhere near me. If I never see him again, I will be good. I’m still struggling with my motives for wanting to charge him, although I always wanted to. I just never felt like I had a safe avenue to do so. I know on paper it says they have to listen to me, but what they actually do when the situation comes up is another situation entirely. I would have to file for charges where it happened… but he is signed up with the police there and the next two towns over.

      • I completely understand that. It took me some time and a lot of intestinal fortitude and courage to go forward to the police, but fate kind of pushed me into it and I HAD to be ready whether I wanted to be or not. Then it all just kind of rolled from there and I went with the flow of what everyone was telling me. I know that every day I pretended with William Jordan while recording him and sending the evidence to the police, my heart was POUNDING! What if he found out, what would he do, what would he be capable of doing, would people find me in time? I let my friends and family know where I was, when I was with him and kept the GPS on my phones so that I could be tracked if need be. I had a panic word that I could text if there was trouble and it was a random word, like cookie. However, my strong desire to stop him overshadowed my fear of him. It’s not always that cut and dry for everyone and only you can live your life and make your own choices. It’s not easy and if you ever need anything, even an ear, I’m here. You are amazing that you are telling your story. I know in telling mine, it’s like free therapy. xoxo

  1. Oh, please tell me you will get that restraining order, or have him arrested? What is holding you back?

    • I have already had a stay away order against him. The judge offered him that if he accepted the order without contest, he would not have to admit guilt. It was a family order and in NY they are good for one year. They cannot be extended. You have to wait for them to come after you before you can apply for a new order. Those are almost the exact words the court told me when I called in the months leading up to the date of expiration of my order against him. It was not explained to me that a criminal order can be granted for up to five years. Maybe if I was told this, I would have risked it and had him arrested when I left. But I was ushered through the court so as to get me out of their way. What you may not know is that in the town of incidence and in the towns next to it, he is signed up to work with the police as an informant. Also with a branch of a federal agency. He is a conscientious informant and they are very grateful for his work. So much so that every time he got into any trouble, they helped him out even when it meant extending their influence into our county. I have absolutely no reason to believe they wouldn’t have done the same in this instance. And after the things I saw, the things that happened to me as a result of them protecting other informants, and the fact they knew I didn’t want him working with them and that he was taking my money for drugs, I have no desire to trust that the same wouldn’t happen now.

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