5 comments on “Loved to Death – 48 Hours Episode – Fatal Teen Dating Violence

  1. That was an excellent video and I ended up watching half a doz more 48 hour episodes after it. I have a cousin with a teenage daughter who is dating a guy who is very “possessive”, who the mother has now allowed to move in with her and her daughter. This guy throws temper tantrums, slamming doors until they come off the hinges, yelling screaming and my cousin basically laughs about it when I voiced concerns. Even when parents see the red flags like these parents did, they don’t believe this guy who loves their daughter so much would ever hurt her, what they don’t see is that it is not “love” she was a possession and if he can’t have her he will destroy her but no one else will ever have her.
    Many of these guys don’t kill the girl, not this time; maybe he latched onto someone else, maybe the opportunity didn’t present itself, maybe it will be the next one like Oscar Priscious, the first one got away, (I watched that 48 hours also) maybe it won’t fully come out until the guy is an adult. But like the mom said near the end, once you break up with someone, anyone, never see them alone again no matter what they say or anyone else says. What a beautiful young girl with such a caring heart, my heart goes out to her family and friends. My heart breaking for them.

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