4 comments on “Wake Up – Samuel Johns

    • I am so glad you have been encouraged to speak on your experiences. You will find it to be very helpful as you heal — it can help relieve feeling isolated, help give you (and others) hope, you will connect with some wonderfully amazing, strong, beautiful people and connect with them on a deeper level than others who have not experienced the traumas that connect us. Survivors are your best circle of support, because we unconditionally respect, appreciate, and come to love each other as family, as we give each other a place to express ourselves where we do not have to fear judgment. It will also give you an indicator of how far you have come and will help build your confidence.

      You will from time to time have to handle people who do not speak or treat you so compassionately. Always remember that the stigma and judgment others can sometimes try to heap on you does not belong to you. You have nothing feel shame or humiliation for. If they do this to you, smile at them and tell them it belongs to the one who hurt you.

      You may not realize it now, but you are strong, beautiful, and amazing. Sharing your scars and wounds not only will help you reconcile your experience and work through it, but you will provide comfort and hope to those both trying to leave and those who are working through the first days, weeks and months of their new-found freedom. You are one in four, and you are amazing.

      With love and support,

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