One comment on “Susan and Dazmann Still – Oprah: Where Are They Now?

  1. I have seen Susan’s story on 20/20 OWN. Her story disturbs me and I am grieved at what happened to her and her kids. I would love to know her thoughts and opinions on something.

    Hands down what she went through is such an ugly case of abuse and destruction of the family, but what happens when a spouse who has made false claims of abuse to keep the father of her kids from the children, manipulate the system to get houses cars and money and coaches the children to verbal accost their father just so she can start a new life? As a result the judicial system removes all contact with the father simply because they don’t know how to right the situation.

    This is just a brief part of my story. It is a dark side that is an ignored epidemic. I am coming to you for help. I am coming to you for a voice on parental interference and alienation. It is a prison that shatters the very humanity of a person as well as damages the future of a generation or two.

    Please contact me if you could help.

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