3 comments on “Asphyxia In Spirit

  1. Cathartic poetry. I used to write a lot of stuff like this. Not exactly like this, but cathartic all the same.

    Thanks for the trigger warning. I’m already riding a trigger/emotional flashback because of other things, but I figured I would skim through and leave some kind feedback.

    • You should always be careful reading trigger-flagged posts when you’re riding one out, my friend. I appreciate the browse but promise me you’ll put your self-care first.

      Writing has always been my therapy, especially for things that I had to bear the weight of silence.

      • I do, Amy. I read it quickly so my logical mind knew what it was about, but it didn’t seep in too deep in my emotional mind. I have stress balls to squeeze and Fisherman’s Friend or mints to savor so I have an anchor in the present moment. (I actually have to do this a lot- the #sexabusechat & #CSAQT chats get pretty intense for me!)

        Incidentally, I started blogging over 11 years ago, in 2003. I carried those posts from LiveJournal over here, but this post (in a series) explains things better: https://jaklumen.wordpress.com/2013/12/01/a-10-year-blogging-journey-the-beginning/

        especially as MANY posts were private and were not openly shared until a few years ago. Again, it’s a series of posts, so travel down the rabbit hole as deep as you like. It does get a bit bitter and ugly in places, so I extend the same warning to you.

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