3 comments on “Guestpost: Jennifer Sadai, Author of Dark Confessions of an Extraordinary, Ordinary Woman

  1. I love that quote! “The life you are living now doesn’t have to be the life you will always live.” When stuck in abuse, or even in recovery from abuse, sometimes it feels as if we will never get out of the stuck place we are in. Sometimes we just need to be encouraged by someone else’s story that this is not true!

    • Thanks Caroline! I used to have this old adage stuck in my head, “sleep in the bed you’ve made.” I thought I had endure this miserable life because he was the man I chose. I didn’t realize that I could also choose to leave and create a new, happier life. Now that I know a better life awaits, I want others to know as well. Have you read my book? I’m always curious to know what others think of my story.

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