5 comments on “Guestpost: Lindsay Fischer, Author of The House on Sunset

  1. House on Sunset was an important read for me, happy ending or no. Lindsay Fischer tells her story very eloquently, and emotion jumps off the page. So wonderful to see a post from her on your blog, especially since I know you’re both so active in helping others going through domestic violence and its aftermath.

    • I literally devoured The House on Sunset and marked in purple. Then I devoured the second edition of it and did the same. She has been a huge source of support for me, and I have to say there are probably days where I drive her nutty but she never fails to be there and endure the chaos in my head and help smooth it out. I was so excited she agreed do the post for me. She’s one of my (s)heroes. 🙂

    • Hi Michele,

      If you haven’t started reading it yet, I will let you know that once I picked up the book, it was almost impossible to stop… which might sound wrong since we’re talking about a memoir of a fellow survivor. She writes honestly, and she does talk about events of abuse (in case reading descriptions of violence trigger you). My favorite lines are at the end of the book, and I think once you get there, you’ll know why. I’m so honored to know her. She has been a huge support for me and many others. Let me know what you think!

      • I wasn’t physically abused, but emotionally abused, and once I was out, I saw signs of other types. Because of your blog and other ones I’ve been reading, I think I know my calling now. I am getting money for Christmas so I will definitely be buying it, and I will share my thoughts with you.

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