Domestic Violence Against Males in the UK — BBC One Show

This video clip broaches the topic of under-reported cases of domestic violence against males in the UK.  Although aired on BBC One Show in the UK, this is applicable anywhere in the world.  Traditionally under-reported, the number of cases reported by men as victims has continued to rise.  While some may be misguided to think that this is a new trend of violence against males, it rather shows that men are finally starting to come forward and report the crimes committed against them by their female partners.

Society needs to continue to re-adjust its thinking on who can be victims of familial violence as a whole.  To be a victim of this is not just the domain of women.  Men are abused as well.  As women generally tend to be less endowed with physical strength as compared to male counterparts, many of them resort to using weapons on their male partners to abuse them.  These weapons range from boiling liquid to knives to glasses, books, poisoning…  And so much more.

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