2 comments on “Domestic Abuse and Your Safety

  1. Hello,
    Don’t know what else to do!
    Just wondering if anyone has ever dealt with an ex stalking you, however he leave notes in car, he’s hacked all my social apps and emails..got rid of all social anything…. just when you think maybe just maybe it’s done…you find note in car, he has again hacked my email!
    Any advice would be great!
    Thanks and GOD Bless

    • Hello… I cannot offer legal advice, but I can make some suggestions. I think the most important thing you can is to document everything and keep all notes, texts, voicemails, etc if any and report it to the police and request an order of protection. Once you get one, you should keep a copy in your bag, glove compartment of your vehicle, school if you attend, work, and your congregation if you have one. The electronic system is not always up-to-date, so having it immediately accessible is important. If you live in a smaller town, it might be possible to have the patrols drive past your residence randomly looking for suspicious persons/behavior etc. If you have not, I would suggest getting a different phone if you still have the one you used with your ex, because they can install tracking software on tech devices. It’s ok (if you feel comfortable with them) telling neighbors or co-workers that if they see a particular vehicle, it doesn’t belong there.

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