Australia – Meeting the Needs of Male Victims of DV and Family Violence

This is a 7 part video of a panel discussion in Australia, 2010, presented at the Australian Institute of Criminology meeting.  Instead of listing in the drop menu separately, I have included all video links below.


2 comments on “Australia – Meeting the Needs of Male Victims of DV and Family Violence

    • Thank you very much for commenting here. I have a few male survivors of abuse (and probably more than I am actually aware of) following my blog. Not too many of them have commented, but I appreciate that you have gotten something from what you have read. My writing is most often done from the male perpetrating the violence against a woman because this is how I experienced it. However I have tried to mention every so often that we can’t turn a blind eye to the men who have been and are being abused. No one deserves to be abused in any way, and it saddens me that services for male victims are so scarce and so hard to find. Keep speaking out about your experiences. It is an empowering thing, and the feeling I get from hearing I have somehow encouraged others in their own struggles or have helped them gain some insight is part of why I continue to show others my scars and a few wounds that persist still. Hold your head high. To be a survivor and be able to speak out about it is a wonderful act of love, not only for yourself, but for those who hear you story.

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